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Episode 13: The Memory of Science Fiction

“The pure present is an ungraspable advance of the past devouring the future. In truth, all sensation is already memory.” 
 Henri Bergson







In this episode we find 4 articles and 2 stories exploring the way memory is drawn upon in science fiction. In Science Fiction, Memory and Trauma, Roger Luckhurst explores Science fiction’s interest in the possibilities of technological developments that might manipulate memory and the dystopian consequences when such technologies are called forth within both literary and screen-based texts. Memory and trauma are understood to be close bed-fellows.

In Memento Mori: Richard McGuire’s “Here” and Art in the Anthropocene, Gerry Canavan discusses the interplay between extinction and utopia in Richard McGuire’s beautiful graphic novel Here, drawing powerful connections to the Anthropocene. Debra Benita Shaw’s analysis of Blade Runner 2019 – 2049: Glitch Art and the Construction of Memory, examines the materiality of memory and how glitch art functions as an indicator of ruination but also of promising reformation.

In the short story, Follicle, CB Harvey imagines a nightmarish encounter over hair, identity and the memories it solicits and embodies. It is in the hair follicle that the materiality and fragility of human life emerges. Brianna Bullen’s Backwater Archives  explores the sanctioned archiving and erasure of memory and how that affects the protoganist of the story. Full of material impressions and a profound sense of loss, Backwater Archives draws a microscope to what happens when we are forced to forget.

In Stories are where memories go when they’re forgotten:” Fandom, Nostalgia and the Doctor Who Experience, Bethan Jones explores the fan response to and engagement with the Doctor Who Experience and its untimely closure. Demonstrating how memory and experience are entangled, Jones maps how fans responded to its closure with stories of the self.


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