About Deletion

Deletion, the open access online forum in science fiction studies, publishes written think pieces, videos, and artwork in bimonthly “Episodes,” with each Episode featuring between 6 and 8 contributions from scholars, authors, artists, filmmakers, gamers, and creative researchers involved in all aspects of science fiction studies.

Committed to exploring science fiction in all its forms and modes of operation, Deletion invites contributions from those writing about science fiction from a literary, philosophical, artistic, scientific, aural, televisual, games and play, and cinematic context. Deletion also accepts and encourages non-standard submissions such as creative pieces, or think pieces taking the form of 2-3 minute podcasts or video blogs. All readers and contributors are encouraged to join the conversation on Deletion via the comment threads and social media links.

Taking an inter- and cross-disciplinary perspective, Deletion is framed around the key questions; what is science fiction today; what are its social, cultural and political functions; how does it move us and make us think; what forms does it take and what are the relationships within and between those forms?

Deletion is led by scholars from the Science Fiction Research Group at Deakin University, Melbourne, who will form its inner editorial board, alongside an international advisory board comprising of leading scholars in the field.

The first edition of Deletion features invited papers from the leading scholars in science fiction studies addressing the theme “the pleasures of science fiction.”

If you are interested in contributing to Deletion, or have any inquiries, suggestions, or feedback, we would love to hear from you at deletion@deakin.edu.au