Amnion/Richard Grant – Dissolution

“Dissolution” is the lead track off the latest EP from Amnion, brainchild of sound artist/musician Roderick Price. Filmmaker/AV artist Richard Grant has produced a poetic, otherworldly visual track to accompany the dense, lush, industrial-inflected sounds. Together, the piece creates a feeling somewhere between floating in space and plunging to the deepest recesses of the ocean; science fictional sensations in abstract form…

Grant’s visuals have featured in a past Episode of Deletion, and this Episode features an interview with him sharing his thoughts on the aesthetics of futurism and science fiction, and talking about his inspiration and process for making this piece.

We recommend experiencing “Dissolution” in a dark room, in full screen, with headphones firmly on…


[vsw id=”107673810″ source=”vimeo” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Music by: Roderick Price (AKA Amnion)
Cello by: Robert Savage
Mixed by: Daniel Tuttle
Video by: Richard Grant

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